It’s as if

. . .we came to Nietzsche because we loved his lieder;

. . .we know the murderer in Edwin Drood because Dickens told his illustrator: “I must have the double necktie! It is necessary, for Jasper strangles Edwin Drood with it”;

. . .Henri Bergson were the sole example of a philosopher having an unprecedented impact on everyday life, having caused the first traffic jam on Broadway in New York City;

. . .Shakespeare is to be criticized because he failed to mention that poor people, not just kings, have trouble sleeping (Henry IV, Part 2, act III, scene 1);

. . .a waterfall can’t be a commons;

. . .”it won’t happen here” is emergency preparedness;

. . .the 175 – 200 million workers in China’s factories, mines and construction industry weren’t the world’s most important proletariat;

. . .the only genuine political project is setting tax rates on the rich;

. . .everything is infinitesimal compared to a global GDP of some US$100 trillion;

. . .one does not come to the object after following the shadow;

. . .the people who question the use of GDP as a measure of health and the environment are the first to urge “Increase government budgets by x% of GDP for health and the environment and social protection and. . .”;

. . .”don’t give a man a fish, but teach him how to fish” is now: If one has to fish, ensure the ecosystem bounces back nevertheless;

. . .Andy Warhol’s work were a middle-brow modernism akin to 20th century bureaucracies;

. . .it wasn’t a bad day for practitioners when Nobel economists compared themselves to plumbers;

. . .poet Geoffrey Hill on Christian texts is not far more educating by being difficult than poet TS Eliot banging on about Christian theology;

. . .global climate change is World War III–only because the Cold War wasn’t:

. . .Walter Scott, having just learned of his bankruptcy, saying “No! This right hand shall work it all off!” is the same as the recanting Bishop Cranmer, thrusting out his hand into rising flames and saying, “This is the hand that hath offendeth. It shall be the first to burn!

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