On population increase

It’s the crudeness: As if more numbers of people were even a credible unit of analysis, full stop, for policy or management. As if complex could be abbreviated that simply.

Not a scintilla of recognition:

  • that perceptions and management of policies differ, at least, by a person’s age, education, income, gender, and ethnicity;
  • that not-knowing, difficulty and inexperience with respect to these numbers and to perceptions, at the very least, set disciplines, fields and ways of being apart from each other;
  • that what stops further polarization of disciplines, fields and ways of being are not fewer numbers but the not-knowing, difficulty, and inexperience; and
  • that when the numbers do polarize, fear becomes a solipsism, believing itself to be an anti-politics machine.

Recourse to numbers on their own is the Olympian capacity to deoxygenate all living matters.

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