Which of these old public/private lists makes sense still?

Does reality exist distributively? or collectively?–in the shape of eaches, everys, anys, eithers? or only in the shape of an all or whole? William James, philosopher

1. Here are two among several principles proposed for evaluating whether a policy is consistent with electricity competition and deregulation (thanks to a 2005 publication):

  • Generation decisions (building and producing) are driven purely by market forces, which include the cost of externalities in the prices to customers.
  • Consumption decisions are driven purely by market forces in which customers have access to relevant data and information and prices include the cost of externalities.

2. These three assumptions among several others were also listed as key in market deregulation (thanks to a 2001 publication):

  • Markets are efficient and follow the One Price Law.
  • Risk can be quantified and therefore uncertainty eliminated through probabilistic statistical analysis.
  • Seismic market shifts, sometimes called outliers, are so rare that they can for all practical purposes be disregarded.

3. Contrast the above with three propositions proposed at about the same time (thanks to a 2004 publication):

  • Belief in the possibility of a public interest, distinct from private interests, is fundamental to the public domain.
  • It follows that the public domain must be protected from the ever-present threat of incursion by the market and private domains.
  • By the same token, the language of buyer and seller, producer and consumer, does not belong in the public domain; nor do the relationships which this language implies. People are consumers only in the market domain; in the public domain, they are citizens.

It’s a fair certainty which of the three lists you consider closest to realistic.

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