What if everything were not so connected?

Who wouldn’t be right in avoiding or resisting burn-out, if told repeatedly they haven’t “taken control” of climate change, species extinction and biodiversity loss?

It would be good to know if we are nine missed meals away from civil unrest, or only four missed meals as others say.

Isn’t everything-connected-to-everything-else an odd form of stasis?

To say endemic crises have many causes and are overdetermined is like saying there’s too much wind-up for the pitch thrown. Too much wind-up is opportunity for the batter.

Since when has inequality been best described as a crisis? Inequality is much more the norm before it is a crisis. Norms are accepted or repudiated; crises are to be managed or coped with. Shaming, humiliating and ostracizing those profiting from the scandal of the status quo is, I think, a more policy-relevant response to norms of inequality.

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