Nothing’s ready-to-wear

–Contingency and complexity are everywhere and affect both intention and consequence. It’s not just that my good intentions may end up achieving the opposite; it’s not just my thoughtlessness may save others and myself from worse. It’s being uncomprehending of the why’s and how’s in either case. The self-cure is to be pre-occupied by other things.

–To be distracted from these preoccupations means hesitations and scruples over: what we know and do not know; what we experience as inexperience; and what we come to know as the very different kinds of difficulty. This is the alertness in finding something complicated, something no longer familiar or taken-for-granted, as when making unfamiliar connections that nonetheless resonate wildly.

–For example, what is missed in a preoccupation with existential threats, when the only ones are the two of being forced to leave because of one threat but forced to stay because of another? Climate migrants are driven out, but have nowhere else to go or wherewithal to do so. What’s missed is all the evidence that they don’t see themselves as victims.

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