Complex is. . .

Jesus Christ having a lot to say, but wise enough not to write it down

Everyone having the right not to be killed by people they don’t know

Carl Andre, the artist: “A thing is a hole in the thing it is not”

Decorum demanding that Medea kill her children offstage and that Macbeth do the same for King Duncan

Each person on earth being allocated a randomly unique number: “This one is yours. It’s irreplaceable.”

Social media being today’s 17th century taverns, congregations and street traffic

Asking what underworld markets might come about to offer–on the cheap–human augmentations and bio-technical enhancements

Recognizing that debt speeds inequality by advancing high-interest consumer credit to the most vulnerable and accelerating debt-based accumulation for the more advantaged

Understanding that carbon pricing and cap-and-trade are easy to talk about because they’re hard to implement. How else to buy time to avoid all the other approaches that are quicker by being context specific?

Complex is not. . .

Declaring: All economic policy is climate policy; all tax policy is human rights policy; all policy is a floating signifier. .

Insisting in 1960 that a two-percent growth rate and global population of three billion people meant starvation, overcrowding and collapse were unavoidable

Seeing that in Trump, Boris Johnson, Putin, Pope Francis, and the Nobel Peace Prize we are weaponizing a late-version of collapse with its very own celebrity brands

Principal sources available on request.

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