Magical thinking about China

This is what passes as US expert policy and opinion with respect to mainline China:

China should abolish the hukou system, expand its social safety net, enable workers’ organizations to fight for higher wages, distribute dividends from state-owned enterprises to the people, invest much more in environmental protection, tax the rich, reign in imaginaries like tianxia, and. . .

No, say the realists. Instead we should pray that China: doesn’t support a strong yuan, imports high inflation from Russia, suffers an even worse demographic crisis than currently inevitable, and witnesses the world’s largest real-estate collapse and the uprising of the planet’s biggest proletariat.

And, oh yes, before it’s too late: liberate Taiwan from China just like we liberated Kuwait after Saddam reunified it with Iraq.

Perhaps time has come to recalibrate this kind of transcendental thinking?

Are we missing, slight as the chances may be, a reset with China just as the warriors on all sides ensured 9/11 was not the opportunity for rapprochement with (parts of) the Muslim world?

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