What do you mean “we,” white man?

It made sense once to ask: What should we be reading now to be as collectively agitated as were readers of Michael Harrington’s The Other America (think: the War on Poverty)? What should we viewing now as collectively agitating as was the Vietnam TV footage (think: the anti-war movement)?

The issue is those “we’s” and “agitations”. Isn’t it better to say the reverse today: The “we’s” are now expanding and differentiating because of agitations across now multiple different media and genres?

It’s not just difficult to choose which medium to best stir things up. It’s that intermedial we’s are more difficult having been stirred up–not just by reading, writing and viewing, but sonically, aurally, tactually, sensually and the hybrids, all now more relevant than ever to “policy and management.”

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