Another article ends where it should have started


. . . .The German solar sector conservatively reinforces an inherently unequal global and national political economy, rather than fostering a radically restructured economy that runs on principles of solidarity and sustainability, not profit. Radical democratization and decentralization, the mandatory use of recycled materials, while curbing the power of corporations involved in the political economy of energy, with a strict (and strictly enforced) ban of all trade of electronic and other toxic waste together with fundamentally reformed regulations on trade of energy manufacturing resources prioritizing ecological and social justice concerns, might be a start.

Might be a start“? An anemic “might be” to conclude a long set of spot-on criticisms? So comes to end another article where it should have started.


Why? Because readers already know we need radical restructuring. Many could and would add to this list of desirables.

So then the question remains as it has been: how are we to get there? What are the better practices across a wide spectrum of sites that work to achieve behaving better–economically and democratically and regulatorily?

Another virtue in reviewing really-existing practices as widely as possible “might be” to demonstrate that solar renewables are the last thing a good number of sites need worry about.

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