“Pastoralists and Pastoralisms”: List of key entries

The principal blog entries are:

Seven examples of the value-added by “thinking infrastructurally” about pastoralism and pastoralists

Assetizing pastoralism-as-infrastructure

Curating publics rather than facilitating development is a better answer to “So what?”

Other entries of possible interest include:

  • What happens when their wastelands are taken out of our proleptic ruins
  • Climate justice?
  • Probes and proposals for the International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists 2026
  • Keeping up with herders
  • Colin Strang versus Garrett Hardin: Which one do you believe?
  • “The elephant in the room at Cop27 is the cow” (another example of environmental livestock-tarring)
  • The methodological challenge of interconnected granularity in representing pastoralists and pastoralisms
  • An authoritative website for real-time decisionmaking involving pastoralists
  • Marginal?
  • Pastoralism on the offense, not just defended
  • Things we don’t hear in pastoralist development or, Why not these utopian imaginaries rather than others?

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